1. Sign-Up for Exercise Pro by following this link to get 10% off your first year: https://www.exerciseprolive.com/live/account/register?coupon=QuickEMR
  2. Visit “Settings” => “Documentation”
  3. Under “Home Exercise Program” group select “Exercise Pro”
  4. Inside of exercise pro visit “Administration” => “Account Information”
  5. Copy the “API Key” and paste it into the corresponding field in quickemr. The field will not be visible until you select the “Exercise Pro” option.
  6. Save the form.
  7. Visit each provider in QuickEMR “Lists” => “Users” => Select user => select “Settings” tab.
  8. Find the field called “HEP Username” and fill in the username the corresponding provider has in Exercise Pro.
  9. As a user who has the “HEP Username” populated, visit a note.
  10. Select the “HEP” button on the top of the note screen in the green quick info bar.
  11. This will take you to the Exercise Pro interface and either add the user to exercise pro or filter for their name in the client list if already present. The users e-mail in QuickEMR will replace the information in Exercise Pro. The information is keyed primarily off of the QuickEMR Case ID but will also user First Name and Last Name if the patient is in both systems but has never been connected.
  12. Build your HEP and send it to the client.
  13. Once every hour QuickEMR will automatically download any HEP’s that were completed and sent via the process above and add them to the case attachments.
  14. Click here to show you how Exercise pro User Manual