QuickEMR Name => EZClaim Name

  1. Patient/Case => Patient (All fields)
  2. Case Insurance => Patient Insurance
  3. Note charges => Claim
  4. Guarantor => Statement Information
  5. Case Insurance (Note Date) => Claim "Bill To" Entry
  6. Charge => Claim Service Line Item
  7. Insurance => Payer
  8. Referring physician => Referring physician
  9. User/Provider or Co-sign/Supervising => Rendering Provider
  10. Payment => Payment

These items need to be entered into EZClaim once for QuickEMR to match upon export:

  1. Procedure code => Procedure Code
  2. Facility => Facility (in Physician Facility)
  3. Tax ID Name (per practice) => Billing (in Physician Facility)
  4. User/Provider or Co-sign/Supervising => Rendering Provider (in Physician Facility)
  5. User/Provider or Co-sign/Supervising => Attending Provider (in Physician Facility) for Institutional billing

Additional notes:

  1. QuickEMR will overwrite any value on EZClaim for Patient, Insurance, Referring, and Rendering. The values should always be changed in QuickEMR and left alone in EZClaim.
  2. QuickEMR will never update a claim once it is exported. Changes to a note's charges must also be made in EZClaim. The user may also update the note's charges in QuickEMR, delete the Claim in EZClaim, and re-export.
  3. The QuickEMR Patient Insurance will always reflect the active case insurance for "Today" on the EZClaim account. More accurately, the day the last export or update occurred for the given case.
  4. The EZClaim "Bill To" will reflect the active QuickEMR case insurance for the given note date when charges are exported.
  5. The Case will be exported when it's first note is exported. The "Export to EZClaim" button on the case is unnecessary.