1. “Check the api credentials and try again. If the credentials are correct and the error continues for longer than 1 hour please contact the help desk.” – This indicates the username password are wrong or the server is down. If a customer calls with this issue here are the debug steps:

    1. Confirm credentials are correct and were not accidentally changed/deleted in the settings => billing page. Clients can not fix this or break this themselves.
    2. Check with EZClaim that their servers are running and their connectivity did not change. The best way to do this is support@ezclaim.com and include the client code found as the first part of the database name in settings => billing.
    3. If this is a long standing client on our ezclaim server. Confirm the demo is up and running https://server1.quickemr.com/DEMO001V8/login. Contact Daniel either way.
  2. “One or more fields contains data too long to export to ezclaim. Look for any values that are excessively long or longer than usual and try shortening them.” – This indicates that a field is too long to send to ezclaim. Most recently this occurred when an employer name was 60 characters long and EZClaim only allows 50.

    1. To fix this look at the note/case in question and try to identify fields that are unusually long. These are not typically hard to find. Try shortening names or fields that are longer than 50ish characters and try the export again to get the client unstuck. If you figure out which field is causing the problem send me an e-mail so I can add the check to validation.
  3. “Server refused the connection. Try sending a smaller batch or try again during a lower traffic time of day such as after 6:00 PM.” – This is the error I was targeting. There is literally nothing to do but try again, then try again in a few hours. I have instrumentation in place to notify me if this error occurs so there is no need to contact me about it. It has not occurred since I deployed last night.
  4. “Technical support has already been notified. Feel free to fill out a support ticket using the "Help" widget on the right of your screen to receive updates on this issue.” – This indicates an error that is not one of the 3 above has occurred. I will be notified of these directly but feel free to contact me if a customer calls about it as I might be able to get more data from the customer.